Re-Engineering The News Business

However he has no reporting foundation, Amazon pioneer Jeff Bezos surely has the stuff to make a little fortune in the paper business today. The stuff is an enormous fortune.

What is not yet clear is whether a pariah, who isn’t limited by newsroom custom and distributing custom, will show improvement over the main groups of American papers. I think he has a respectable shot.

The best expert on paper fortunes huge and little is The New York Times, which reported last week that it is selling the Boston Globe for $70 million. The purchaser is John Henry, head proprietor of the Boston Red Sox. The Times revealed that the deal will permit it to “center more around its center image.” (1) The New York Post, claimed by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. (which likewise claims The Times’ chief opponent, The Wall Street Journal), happily called attention to in enormous, strong sort that the arrangement addresses the annihilation of 93% of the $1.1 billion that The Times’ controlling Sulzberger family paid for the Boston paper twenty years prior. That gauge might be magnanimous, since The Times stays on the snare for a portion of the Boston paper’s annuity commitments.

Only two days after The Times’ Boston slaughter, Bezos and The Washington Post declared yesterday that the previous is purchasing the capital’s predominant paper (which accompanies a blend of extra minor titles) for $250 million.

From the outset, Henry is a considerably more legitimate paper purchaser than Bezos. Henry’s Red Sox need to continue to place fannies in those extravagantly remodeled at this point goodness so-sentimentality filled Fenway Park seats. That’s what to do, he wants his group’s fortunes to highlight unmistakably in nearby media, particularly The Globe, its famous site, and the New England Sports Network link channel (which Henry likewise claims).

The Times had been pointlessly shopping The Globe for some time, and could at last have chosen to overlap the activity in the event that it hadn’t tracked down a buyer. However I think Henry is carrying on of local area soul, his buy likewise checks out in the best baseball custom. Sometime in the distant past, lager magnates purchased baseball clubs on the grounds that the ballpark gave a helpful spot to sell more beers.

Henry may just behind schedule find that claiming a significant metropolitan day to day gives him an unendingly understaffed and underfunded newsroom, a costly and outdated printing and course framework, and a contracting base of promoters who have more places to spend their dollars and less motivations to spend them on nearby media. On the off chance that The New York Times Company couldn’t get The Globe to remain all alone, how long will Henry’s understanding, also his financial plan, last?

Bezos is essentially something contrary to Henry in this specific circumstance. With an individual total assets assessed at north of $23 billion, he can support The Post essentially perpetually in the event that he wishes. In any case, Bezos has no neighborhood binds to the District of Columbia; he means to continue living in Seattle while running the Washington paper through recruited hands as a truant proprietor. For Bezos, news is one more item to convey, not vastly different than the digital books, toys and machines he sells through Amazon. (Honestly, Bezos is purchasing The Post actually, not through his organization.)

As unusual as the exchange would show up right away, Bezos might be joining a current pattern and driving it forward, at the same time. The large news distributers representing things to come are not liable to be the families that have possessed significant American papers for ages; individually, they are selling out. The enormous news wellsprings of tomorrow appear liable to be individuals and organizations who control circulation across different media stages.

We don’t consider Google a news source; we consider it an aggregator of others’ substance, which is what it for the most part has been doing this point. Be that as it may, I figure Bezos will consider Google to be perhaps of his most considerable rival in the long haul, on the off chance that he isn’t now thinking thusly.

Apple, as well, may arise as a major news coverage wholesaler. Hurray and Microsoft could be players in the event that they could start acting responsibly. Facebook and Twitter have potential. These names may not make us consider news at the present time, yet media locales try to collect the biggest crowd conceivable and offer that crowd to promoters – precisely what papers have forever been about. Papers didn’t begin conveying comics, horoscopes and Dear Abby to keep general society informed.

Wholesalers are assuming a filling part in putting news on our screens, as well. Comcast claims NBC. Different link administrators run neighborhood news channels; Time Warner’s NY1 is a best-of-breed model. Bloomberg is building mass-crowd broadcast and online outlets, even as it brings in its genuine cash selling specific monetary information. (Michael Bloomberg likewise realizes something about making a not tiny fortune in the cutting edge media business.)

We shouldn’t discount the Murdoch and Sulzberger domains at this time. They are doing the absolute best work in the paper business of changing their crowd from dead-tree over completely to electronic conveyance. However it might take somebody like Bezos, who isn’t a result of the conventional reporting model and subsequently isn’t caught by its enclosed reasoning, to sort out a method for costing successfully accumulate, alter and convey news content that clients will need to purchase from now on, and how to draw in those clients that promoters will need to reach.

Rather than seeing The Washington Post as a solitary, comprehensive title, Bezos could transform it into an umbrella brand, selling public political news and nearby style content to various crowds, at various costs, to address various issues. Rather than an enormous, super durable newsroom staff, he could keep up with just a little, center gathering of editors to run a huge crowd of free proficient writers. Rather than working for one news association, most journalists and editors in the future could work with a bunch of deeply grounded titles, building individual brands while covering specific fields for the benefit of those institutional names.

The Graham family, which had possessed The Post through four ages and carried it to public conspicuousness, was blunt in conceding that it had no solutions to the inquiries regarding news-casting’s future. Bezos was comparably gruff.

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